To Watch (Video)

What is a “changing place”? Who needs a “changing place”? Why is it so important to create “changing places” in so many locations in Baden-Wuerttemberg?

Our videos give you the answers to these and many other questions.

See for yourself:

Explanatory video »What is a “changing place”?«

Inclusion without a “changing place” is unthinkable.

Why this is so is shown in our explanatory video. It also tells you who benefits from it and what a “changing place” is.

Explanatory video »Good reasons to set up a “changing place”«

Our explanatory video shows why it is worthwhile for cities and communities, shopping centres, leisure facilities, restaurants and organisers to set up a “changing place”.

Did you know?
The German title of the campaign „Changing Places“ is „Toiletten fuer alle“, „toilets for all“.
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